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Ungelt Courtyard
Is of the most prestigious addresses in Prague, situated between Tynska, Stupartska and Mala Stupartska Streets just 100 meters from Old Town Square. This complex, whose foundations date from the 11th century, was originally a customs duty collection center, and the word “Ungelt” in fact means “toll” in archaic Czech. The courtyard is made up of buildings built in a variety of architectural styles, the most interesting being the beautiful, renaissance-era Granovsky Palace.
Our Group accomplished a reconstruction of the complex in the mid-90’s, and today the buildings house roughly 7,000 sqm of prime retail and office space. The entire office space is occupied by one of the world’s leading professional services organizations, Deloitte & Touche, who had their Central and Eastern European headquarters there. The retail space has become an attractive destination for local and international gallery, restaurant and café operators as well as first-class brand name retailers, so that today the Ungelt Courtyard once again operates as a center of commerce and culture.

Malatova 12
The group completed the development of a 900 square meter building located near the Czech General Court on Kinski Square in Prague 5. Construction works took 9 months, before which time more than 80% of the building was leased.

Prima Building
A group company now owns and manages a roughly 5,000 sqm office building at Na Žertvách 24/132 in Prague 8. The building serves as Prima Television’s headquarters.

Podebradska 55
A partner financed and purchased a 10,000 sqm complex of unoccupied office and light-industrial buildings located at Podebradska street 55, in Prague 9. The project was successfully leased to Lucent Technologies. After leasing part of the buildings, the group sold the assets.

Polygon House
An affiliate purchased land in Pankrác, Prague 4 and arranged for the permitting for construction of a 10,000 sqm office building. The group subsequently arranged for the sale of the permitted land.

Various Group companies hold interests in a number of additional buildings in Prague 4, 5, and 7 or participate in development of different residential, non-residential or industrial projects in Prague or out of Prague.